April 18th to 21st, 2023MEZZ PRP NINEBALL OPEN 2023

EXE BOSTON HOTEL, Zaragoza, Spain
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Event Details

MEZZ PRP Nineball Open 2023

April 18th to 21st, 2023

Hotel EXE Boston Zaragoza, Spain

Entry fee 250€

Valid for the Matchroom Nineball World Rankings

Event Format

128 Players

Double Elimination / Last 64 Single Elimination

Winner Break

Race to 9

9 in the Spot

3 Points Break Rule

Limited Break Area (Nineball)

Prize Breakdown

  10.000 €

  5.000 €

3º – 4º  2.000 €

5º – 8º  1.000 €

9º – 16º  500 €

17º – 32º  300 €

33º – 64º  150 €

Name Country
Rubén Docampo Argentina
Mario He Austria
Max Lechner Austria
Kevin Lannoye Belgium
Sanjin Pehlivanovic Bosnia Herzegovina
Kalin Stefanov Bulgaria
Karl Gnadeberg Estonia
Denis Grabe Estonia
Riku Romppanen Finland
Petri Makkonen Finland
Benjamin Belhassen France
Noel Bensaïd France
Mickael Hadjadj France
Alex Montpellier France
Tobias Bongers Germany
Ralf Souquet Germany
Jotham Olivero Gibraltar
Andrew Olivero Gibraltar
Aris Damoulakis Greece
Nikos Ekonomopoulos Greece
Christos Papageorgiou Greece
Joseph Robert Greece
Dimitris Siampanis Greece
Alex Kazakis Greece
Antonios Kakaris Greece
Christos Papageorgiou Greece
Dimitris Loukatos Greece
Panagiotis Xypoliteas Greece
Gerasimos Trivyzas Greece
George Antonakis Greece
Kostas Koukiadakis Greece
Nikolaos Chatoupis Greece
Ben Satchel Ireland
Pierfrancesco Garzia Italy
Davy Piergiovanni Italy
Francesco Candela Italy
Domenico Andretta Italy
Simone Zappi Italy
Davide De Santis Italy
Fabio Petroni Italy
Daniele Corrieri Italy
Andrea Milioli Italy
Pijus Labutis Lithuania
Jesús Alcocer Mexico
Juan Manuel Lima Mexico
Humberto Montoya Mexico
David Medina Mexico
Jesús Jiménez Mexico
Alejandro Marina Mexico
Niels Feijen Netherlands
Kim Soo Garmak Norway
William Díaz Calderwood Nicaragua
Daniel Maciol Poland
Wojciech Szewzcyk Poland
Konrad Juszczyszyn Poland
João Grilo Portugal
Leandro Araújo Portugal
Miguel Silva Portugal
Jonas Sousa Portugal
Ivan Coelho Portugal
Benjamin Coelho Portugal
Bruno Martins Portugal
Pedro Vitorino Portugal
Miguel Alvar Portugal
André Mota Portugal
Rui Alberto Viana Portugal
Anthony Santana Dominican Republic
Flavian Glont Romania
Gleb Semenov Neutral
Aleksa Pecelj Spain
Lazar Kostic Spain
Jonás Souto Spain
David Serrano Spain
Iván Cánovas Spain
Jaume Tapies Spain
Manuel Montejo Spain
Iván Belmonte Spain
José Alberto Delgado Spain
Marcos Sanz Spain
Sergio Lagunas Spain
José Antonio Franco Spain
Liberto Vivar Spain
Iker Echeverría Spain
Raúl Martín Spain
Rolando González Spain
Fernando Romero Spain
Álvaro García Spain
Salvador García Spain
Miguel Ángel Crespo Spain
David Márquez Spain
Jaime Serrano Spain
Pedro Merino Spain
Oliver Rodríguez Spain
Carlos Belmonte Spain
Mateo Victor Rollán Spain
Michael Vázquez Spain
Hugo Erro Spain
Jorge García Spain
David Arnaiz Spain
Luis Hinojosa Spain
Óscar Arroyo Spain
Khader Abu-Helaiel Spain
José Castillo Spain
David Alcoberro Spain
Dagxio Orellana Spain
David Alcaide Spain
Francisco Sánchez Ruiz Spain
Juan Luis Salmerón Spain
Iávor Ricardov Spain
David Castro Spain
Francisco Díaz Pizarro Spain
Francisco José López Spain
Xerach Sardá Spain
Jose Aitor Barba Spain
Francisco Rodríguez Spain
Francisco Jesús Ureña Spain
Samuel Delgado Spain
Ruslan Ostrovskyi Ukranie
Nikita Rudenko Ukranie
Matthew Rigley United Kingdom
Imran Majid United Kingdom
Elliott Sanderson United Kingdom
Jacob Spence United Kingdom
Damian Massey United Kingdom
David Hopkin United Kingdom
Óscar Domínguez United States
Qualifier 1
Qualifier 2
Qualifier 3

VenueHotel EXE Boston Zaragoza

Located in the center of the city, the event will take place at the EXE Boston Hotel in Zaragoza.

Players have a special price to stay in the same hotel on a Bed + Breakfast basis.

Avenida de las Torres, 28, 50008 Zaragoza
Room Price
60€ Single Room + Breakfast
65€ Double Room + Breakfast

Promo Code: DRINKS

Table, Balls & ClothPlaying equipment

The event will feature top-quality professional equipment, played on PRP Pro 9 tables  with the Simonis 860 Tournament Blue cloth and the Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV balls.

PRP Pro 9 Table
Aramith Tournament Pro-Cup TV
Simonis 860 Tournament Blue
PRP Lightning

Management with PRP Connection System
Digital scoreboards with Tablets & Screens

The CityZaragoza, Spain

With a population of more than 650,000 people, Zaragoza is the 5th largest city in Spain.

Located in the north of Spain, between Madrid and Barcelona, the city has excellent connections through an international airport and high-speed train, which connects the city Madrid or Barcelona in just 1h 30min.

Zaragoza is a city that is worth visiting for its wide range of activities for cultural, business and sports tourism, among others. We are waiting for your!

International Airport
Bolonia (BLQ), Bruselas/Charleroi (CRL), Bucarest (OTP), Cluj (CLJ), London (STN), Milán (BGY), Menorca (MAH), Palma de Mallorca (PMI), Paris (BVA), Paris (ORY), Venecia (VCE), Viena (VIE)
High Speed Train
Madrid & Barcelona from 10€ with OUIGO or RENFE

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Zaragoza | Spain

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